10 Types Of House Cleaning Services You Can Offer In 2022

Want to know about the different types of house cleaning services that you can offer to customers?

Are you planning to start a new cleaning business or expand the existing one? Then, we have good news to share with you!

Do you know cleaning services are trending these days? Not only commercial businesses but homeowners are also hiring professional cleaners frequently to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. So they can sit, relax and spend some time with family on weekends. Well, that means there are probably better chances of success.

But in order to earn better profits, and become a leading cleaning service provider,  then it’s important to have complete info about different cleaning services provided by other cleaning companies.

To make things a little easier, we have curated a list of top cleaning services that you can offer in profitable cleaning packages.

Scroll down to get a quick overview of the most popular cleaning services!

Residential Cleaning Services:

The residential, domestic, or household cleaning services may vary depending on the customer’s requirements. Although you can offer a household cleaning package, still most customers prefer cleaning companies that offer tailored services. Rest it’s up to the customers to book you on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

Commercial Cleaning Services:

Commercial cleaning is meant for SMBs, educational institutes, corporate offices, shopping malls, or other such big organizations. It may include dusting, wiping, decluttering, floor to toilet cleaning as mentioned by your client.

Construction Cleaning

Also referred to as Builder cleaning, these services include clearing up the dust, and dirt from the floor, walls, windows, and glasses usually after some sort of construction or DIY project.

Move-out Cleaning/ End of Tenancy Cleaning

In order to get a full bond refund from landlords, almost all the tenants hire professional cleaners to get the house thoroughly cleaned.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

The laundry services include washing clothes using detergents, softeners, and drying them. Whereas dry cleaning services used harsh chemicals to treat stubborn stains & clean clothes.

Bathroom Cleaning

This service covers the cleaning of the toilet area, bathtub, shower curtain as well as tiles and grout cleaning. The cleaners have to make sure the space is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized before leaving.

Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery cleaning service deals with furniture, couches, and different fabrics. The right selection of cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions is required to remove all the stains & restore the original look.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

It may include vacuuming and mopping both hardwood or stoned floors. The cleaning experts have to carry machines, and water substances with them to address the dust, dirt & grime.

Whereas in carpet cleaning, the cleaner has to extensively clean and remove all the stains, and pet odor without damaging or fading the carpet fabric.

Spring or Deep Clean

Spring cleaning is a kind of once-in-a-year service and is usually taken by clients during the start of the new year to make the house ready for summer. It includes almost everything from kitchen, floors, and bathroom surfaces to wardrobe to window cleaning.

Window Cleaning

This service includes a deep cleansing of the interior, exterior, and glass of the windows for both residential and commercial. The client may ask for additional services like pressure washing, screen repairs, etc 

Summing up

The major advantage of the cleaning business is frequent customers, overlapping cleaning equipment, crew, and substances. All you need is the right knowledge, and quality services to stay ahead of other cleaning companies. Overall, it’s a great business opportunity to grow & get better profits in today’s era.

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