How to Transform the Exterior of your Home

Let’s face it, we all love to brighten up our living space, both indoors and out, yet after a while, we become familiar with our surroundings and over time, our property can become dull and drab when viewed from the front entrance. It might be that a neighbour made a comment that tells you it is time to do something with the exterior of your home, whatever the reason, here are a few ways that you can brighten up the exterior of your home.

  • Bespoke outdoor blinds – Check out the amazing outdoor blinds in Adelaide from a leading supplier and transform your al-fresco relaxation area with rich colour. You can find blinds that match your awning for a colour coded look and as the units are made to measure, they fit like a glove.
  • Plant a row or two of small conifer trees – If your garden fencing leaves a lot to be desired, why not take a drive to your local nursery and choose some lush green conifers to plant in front of the fence line. Indeed, you can add flora and fauna at this time of the year and introduce some natural beauty into the space.
  • Replace fencing and gating –If your perimeter fence is made of wood, it may have seen better days and a coat or two of varnish might not be enough. Talk to a local fencing contractor and ask to see their catalogue and you’ll probably find a style that suits the property. Perhaps some nice cedar panelling with a matching gate would be ideal for a rural property.
  • Stone cladding – Cladding the exterior walls can really transform your exterior, plus it adds another layer of insulation, which is always a good thing. Search online for cladding suppliers and take a look at the many different finishes and designs; your local builder can install stone cladding to transform your exterior.
  • Block paving driveway – If your tarmac driveway has seen better days, now is the time to look into block paving, which is a permanent solution for driveways. There is a wide range of colours and you can create patterns by using two or more colours; talk to a leading driveway contractor about block paving and they would be happy to quote for the project.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can transform your exterior, all you need is the motivation to get started.

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