Ways to smartly utilize your kitchen space!

While designing a kitchen wardrobe design can be difficult, it also presents an opportunity to use innovative techniques to maximize its use and enlarge its appearance. Here are some of my personal favourites for accomplishing that.

  • Using an island’s two sides

Although a storage island is a nice idea for kitchen wardrobe design, occasionally things can just get buried in the back of a deep, low cabinet.

Instead, think about utilizing back-to-back shallow cabinets or cabinets that open from both sides so that each side may store components close at hand and avoid anything from getting buried.

  • Utilize both light and dark.

Although it may seem like a bad idea to choose a dark color in a small kitchen wardrobe design, contrasts between light and dark can produce optical effects that actually make the space appear larger.

Like in this illustration, adding a small amount of dark grey to a back wall that is hidden by adjacent white cabinets makes the wall appear to be a little farther away.

  • Think about counter-height upper-uppers.

Consider employing them at eye level with a row of counter-depth higher cabinets above, as shown above, rather than using standard 12- to 15-inch upper cabinets alone. This gives your taller cabinets a neat appearance by making them flush with a fridge or pantry cabinet and gives you a little extra storage space for bigger or less-used things like wide mixing bowls or seasonal commodities.

  • Accept boxed-in uppers

However, you don’t want to lose any storage space. Do you like the aesthetic of open higher shelves? Instead of committing to a full wall, think about employing open shelves like these that sit between cabinets and provide you the accessibility of open storage.

Compared to a fully open shelf, this arrangement will appear a little cleaner, and commonplace goods like glassware will still be accessible.

  • Set up a few open shelves.

Use open shelves over a peninsula as a stylish replacement for the popular open shelves above your main wall of cabinets.

While not totally blocking sight lines, this gives you an excellent visual evident position to put objects that a visitor might want to grab. As a result, you still feel like you can look into and out of the kitchen wardrobe design to rooms beyond.

  • Purchase tuck-in seats.

In a small kitchen wardrobe design, having a surface that can serve as both a dinette table and a prep station is useful, but big stools or chairs can take up more room than they’re worth.

By selecting backless seats to prevent tripping over splayed legs can be a good idea. Since they can be completely tucked under the counter and table so they are out of the way when not in use.

  • Activate the pass-through.

Opening a partition wall to create a pass-through space is one extremely efficient technique to make your kitchen wardrobe design appear larger.

You can somewhat inflate the kitchen’s usable size by building a counter around the aperture and even extending it to the other side.

  • Reflective backsplashes

No wall you can crack open to make a pass-through? By employing a mirror backsplash, you can still achieve the appearance of one. The reflecting surface creates the impression that your cabinets extend beyond the wall.

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