Aspects of Building an Extension to Consider

Adding some extra living space is something that many UK homeowners consider, as opposed to relocating to a larger property, and if you have decided to extend in the very near future, here are a few important aspects to take into consideration.

  1. Crunch the numbers – Prior to starting the planning stage, do your homework to be sure that you can afford the project. Don’t forget to add fixtures and fittings, which can certainly add up to a significant amount.
  2. Building Survey – There is a local company that can carry out a measured survey in Dorking and surrounding areas, and this is an important part of the design. Using laser technology, the surveyor can carry out the survey accurately and they can even assess whether or not the planned extension will reduce the light for neighbouring properties.

  1. Composite Materials – It always worth noting that composite materials are light, strong and generally do not require maintenance. This is something to discuss with the builder, who would be able to give you some options for the use of composite materials.

  1. Keeping in Line with the Main Structure – You don’t want an extension that looks out of place, so talk to the builder about a design that actually looks like part of the property.

  1. Local Authority Permission – The builder would have a wealth of experience with applying for planning permission, which is never something you can take for granted.

Hiring the right builder is half the battle, and with their expertise and your budget, your new extension will provide you and your family with many years of added space and comfort.

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