FAQs asked to architectural firms

The following are a few of the frequently asked questions asked to architecture firms Singapore before closing the deal.

Can you explain your architectural experience?

Some companies may say that they are in the business for several years. But you should never confirm this before asking them a few questions about their past works, achievements, and operations.

Will you offer construction contacts?

Some architectural firms will also help with the contacts they have to oversee the construction process of the building after designing. You need not wander in search of other professionals as these firms are having connections. You can confirm this.

Can you give us an estimated duration of the project?

Everyone will be concerned about the duration of the designing process while dealing with an architectural firm. So, you can ask and confirm it.

Can you confirm the credentials of the assigned professionals?

You should confirm that those who work on your project are qualified to design the properties. Although they may say so orally, it is better to confirm by seeing the certificates and credentials.

Do you own the license for local operations?

Without getting a proper license, no architectural company can operate legally. So, it is advisable to confirm the authorization status.

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