Things to Keep in mind when Planning a Fencing Project

Installing your fences by yourself helps you save money. But, you need to know exactly what to do before you start the project. Also, you have to plan in advance to avoid making mistakes. Below are some tips that can help you install your fence without issues and stress.

Look for and Mark Underground Facilities

When installing a fence, you want to avoid having a natural gas leak, power disruption, or water leak. This makes it important to call your utility company and know the location of your underground facility before you drive in the posts.

Be Aware of your Property Lines

Building a fence outside your property line is not legal. You may be forced to remove that fence which is costly and time-consuming. You may be sure about your property line now but it doesn’t hurt to confirm it with your surveyor.

Choose the Right Lumber

If you want to use lumber for your fence, ensure you pick the right one.  There are a lot of kinds of wood including redwood and cedar that work great as fencing materials. Also, you may want to consider Pressure Treated Lumber for your fence posts. As the post needs to come in contact with the soil or ground, it has to be treated to stand up against termites, moisture, and other substances that can cause the wood to deteriorate sooner than expected. Look for all the lumber you need to complete your fencing project from a reputable lumber yard. The business may even have vinyl and composite fencing materials. Your choice of materials will usually depend on your preference and budget. Talk to the experts at the lumber yard about the benefits of every fencing material to know if it works for you.

Obtain the Right Ground Clearance

Fences that have a very high ground clearance make it possible for pets and your kids to crawl underneath. Meanwhile, if your fence is too low you may find it hard to make improvements in your landscape. In fact, it can be a problem mowing grass and weed that grow along the fence’s edges. Ensure you determine the right ground clearance you need before you start the installation.

Be Aware of Local Ordinances

Check if there are some zoning requirements in your area that you need to following in terms of the fence’s style and height. Take the time to research and follow ordinances to avoid issues with your construction after you complete the job.

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