Why Parking Adds Value to Your Home

If you have front yard space that’s currently unused, you may be considering adding a new driveway. Driveways give you your own parking space and can make life easier, but can they also add value to your home as well? Here are some reasons why a driveway may make your home value go up in the long term.

Many areas lack parking

As certain suburbs become more crowded, and households own more than one car, there can be a real shortage of parking in some areas. This means that homes that have parking are valued more highly than those without. Having a driveway could make your home stand out from the crowd when you sell it, and you may find it gets more interest than homes without parking. Look for some asphalt driveway ideas Brisbane to see the kind of driveway you could add to your home to create the most space for your cars.

Driveways add kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is an important factor when buying a house, as an amazing first impression can sell your home a lot quicker, meaning you’re more likely to get the asking price.

Driveways add kerb appeal because:

  • They look neat
  • They make your yard look well maintained
  • They don’t get overgrown and scruffy like lawns
  • If they are looking grubby, a quick pressure wash gets them looking like new

If you have potential buyers coming over, then a driveway can give them a better first impression as they have a place to park and don’t need to wander around the neighbourhood to find you.

People will pay for convenience

Parking on the street is a pain. You never know where you can park, and it’s annoying to come back from the shops or have a boot full of stuff, only to find you have to park miles away. Adding a driveway means guaranteed parking every day, which is a convenience that people are willing to pay for. As people switch to electric cars, driveways will become a necessity too, as people will want to be able to park close to home to charge their vehicle.

If you’re thinking of investing in your property and adding some new conveniences, a driveway is a good start. They can add a lot of value to your home and often look better than a boring front yard, especially if you’re not a keen gardener and not using the space right now.

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