Here’s How To Get That Extra Space That Everyone Needs.

If your family home isn’t fit for purpose with respect to the amount of space that is currently available, then you have two options available to you. The first one is kind of extreme, but you might want to consider selling your current property and moving to a much larger one. This would mean a great upheaval of you and your other family members and you would be leaving an area that you picked in the first place because it was incredibly suitable for family life. The other option is to find extra space in your existing property and you would be surprised at what is achievable if you put your mind to it.

It’s likely that you have a garage that you don’t even use and it is showing a lot of disrepair and it might be a good idea to start again and to create a granny flat from it. One way to save yourself money is to invest in a knock down rebuild garage in Canberra as this can be erected in a short space of time and it is a lot more affordable. As well as utilising the new garage for more space, you could also consider the following options as well.

  1. Convert the attic space – Right above your head, there is lots of space going to waste an all that you keep up there is an old Christmas tree and some all clothes. Your attic space has a potential to be transformed into one large bedroom or two smaller ones and this will help to keep your teenager is happy for a little while longer. Adding in a skylight is one way to make sure that the kids will be fighting over this new space.
  2. Convert the basement – The same rules apply here and it’s likely that all you have in your basement is the heating boiler and then lots of boxes full of crap that you’re never going use again. This is the perfect space to create an extra bedroom and it will provide your teenage kids with the privacy that they have been asking you for, for some time now.

It’s just going to take some out-of-the-box thinking from you and the services of an excellent construction firm to make all of these things happen and you will have lots more space in no time at all. There is an opportunity for change and now all you have to do is to take it.

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