Loft Conversion: A Cheap Way to Add Extra Living Space

If you are the head of a growing family and your living space is rather limited, there are, of course, numerous ways to add living space at home. One of the most cost-effective ways to add a room in your home is to make good use of that space in your attic and when you consider that the structure is already in place, it isn’t a big job to fit out the loft and turn it into a study centre or another bedroom.

Talk to a Local Builder

It isn’t hard to find a carpenter in Bristol who has experience with loft conversions; Google can help with that and the tradesman would be happy to pay you a visit and discuss the many options. The work involved includes the following:

  • Creating a plywood floor – This is the first job, which gives the carpenter a base on which to work. At the same time, the folding staircase needs to be in place to allow for easy access, which would require the loft hatch to be expanded in size to accommodate the folding staircase.
  • Cladding the interior – The four walls and the inner roof need to be cladded with either chipboard or plywood, with some insulation material behind the sheets to help retain the heat in the winter months.
  • Skylight installation – You would need at least a couple of skylights installed, preferably with openings that can give you great ventilation. You could have a bay window protruding from the roof, which actually gives you a little more space, although you might need planning permission of you are going beyond the existing building lines.

When compared to the cost of an extension, a loft conversion is very affordable and something your local carpenter can handle.

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