What is Involved with a Loft Conversion?

If you are looking to add some living space at home, a loft conversion is probably the cheapest way to do this, mainly because the structure is already present and it is only a question of cladding and fixtures and fittings. How much space you can reclaim depends on the size of your roof, but you will be able to create one fairly large room that can be used in many different ways.

  • The Flooring – This would be the first stage of the project, as it gives the team a solid platform to work on, and it would typically be chipboard nailed onto the joists, after removing the loft insulation, which is no longer needed. Once finished, you can either lay carpet tiles or vinyl to give you a nice floor covering.

  • Loft Access – The small access cover you currently have is not enough and it would be enlarged to accommodate a set of dropdown stairs, which would be completed as soon as possible to assist the team. If you are concerned about the loft conversion cost in Portsmouth ask several local builders to quote for the project.

  • Skylights – You will need some natural lighting which comes in the form of a few well-placed skylights, with openings to allow for summer ventilation.

  • Interior Cladding – The walls and ceiling would typically be cladded with plywood, and a sheet of composite insulation would be inserted behind this. Insulation is critical if you want to be warm and cosy in the cold winter months, and the builder would make you aware of all the options regarding insulation.

This is not a big project for a builder and if you ask several to quote for the project, you can make an informed decision.




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